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Jennifer Koerber – Trainer & Consultant

September 18, 2016 · Comments Off on Jennifer Koerber – Trainer & Consultant

If you’re looking for my professional site, you can find me at jenniferkoerber.com. These are my personal, non-library musings.

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Why This, Why Now?

September 18, 2016 · Comments Off on Why This, Why Now?

I needed somewhere to think out loud.

In the ways in which I have extrovert qualities, I prefer to think out loud, to think by doing, to think in the moment of need and use. I need to sketch, take notes, doodle, talk, gesture, dance. “Kinetic learner” doesn’t begin to describe it.

I also like getting responses to and feedback on my writing. I don’t NEED it – I’m writing for me – but I wanted to put this stuff in a place that people could get to if desired. Trouble is, the things I want to think about, talk about, largely aren’t relevant to my professional life, the private blog I’ve kept for a decade and a half is defunct, too thinky for social media, and why bother starting a Tumblr when I had this site going spare?

So, here goes. No clue if it’ll stick, but I’m going to start here. Hello, World!

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